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ePastorsNetwork.com is designed to connect like-minded pastors, leaders, and ministries around the country, and ultimately around the world, who God has given a vision for Kingdom-building.

This site is designed to act as a conduit of information to bring local, national, international ministers and ministries together in communication and resources. Together, we will build the Kingdom of GOD and the support of Pastors and Leaders across this country and nation will help us do that. Some of the features of the site will include “Pastor/Minister of the Month” which will include a feature article or an audio message from the Pastor/Minister and so much more that God has placed in me to do for His Kingdom!!
God bless you and your ministry as you experience the benefits of being a part of ePastorsNetwork.com!
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Bishop Timothy J. Clarke Senior Pastor, First Church

Bishop Timothy Joseph Clarke is a faithful pastor, anointed teacher, strategic thinker, and an articulate and prolific preacher. His love of God and people are expansive enough to reach the nations and microscopic enough to touch individuals on a personal level. He is the visionary leader and Senior Pastor of First Church of God in Columbus, OH, where under his dynamic and prophetic leadership, First Church has become a spiritual beacon at the local and national level.

Called to the ministry in January 1974, Bishop Clarke served as the Associate Minister at First Church of God, in his hometown of Far Rockaway, New York, under his mentor, the late Dr. James E. Cray. Bishop Clarke began his pastorate at York Avenue Church of God (Warren, OH) in November 1977 and faithfully served the congregation for four years. Bishop Clarke became the Senior Pastor of First Church of God in February 1982 after receiving the call in November 1981. His consecration to the office of Bishop transpired in September of 2001.

Bishop Clarke is the founder and Chief Prelate of the Berean Fellowship, an international assembly, partnering with pastors of small to mid-size churches and young pastors, and those new to pastoral ministry. Through the Berean Fellowship, Bishop Clarke equips pastors and leaders with the tools necessary to do effective ministry while offering a place of love, acceptance, and affirmation. During the 37 years, Bishop Clarke has led First Church of God, he has served in Christian leadership positions at the local and national levels and has been privileged to sit on the board of organizations and associations that have benefitted both people and community. He is the recipient of numerous honors and awards, including induction into the Morehouse College Board of Preachers.

Bishop Clarke’s standard of excellence is apparent in his commitment to not only ministry but also education. He holds a Certificate of Theology and Ministry (Princeton Theological Seminary, Princeton, NJ); Bachelor of Theology(Graduate Theological Foundation, Mishawaka, IN); Master of Ministry
(Southern California School of Ministry, Los Angeles, CA); Doctorate of Divinity (Mid-America University, Oklahoma City, OK); Doctorate of Humanities(Wilberforce University, Wilberforce, OH); Doctorate of Divinity(Anderson University, Anderson IN).

Bishop Clarke ministers to our heart and encourages our soul through the numerous books he has published inclusive of his latest Celebrating the Family: Lessons from the Book of Ruth. Bishop Clarke has maintained a fellowship with the National Association of the Church of God and has served in several leadership capacities including President of the National Inspirational Youth Convention, Chairman, and Vice-Chairman of the General Assembly; and President, Vice-President and Presiding Elder. Bishop Clarke is currently the Chairman of the General Assembly and President of the Ministers Counsel which represents both the governing and functional boards of the Church of God International Assembly. Bishop Clarke is the husband of Lady Clytemnestra Lawson Clarke, and a loving father and grandfather.
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God’s Cure For Worry: Finding Peace In a World of Pain” By, Queen Vanda

God’s Cure For Worry: Finding Peace In a World of Pain” By, Queen Vanda Vanda Wilson-Wormack was born in Windsor, NC. where she was a 1989 Graduate of Bertie High School. She successfully earned a B.A., in Political Science and Public Administration, and a Master’s Degree in Public Administration/Education Administration from North Carolina Central University, Durham, NC in May 1993 and December 1998 respectively. A Doctoral Degree in Theology from the National School of Theology (June 2020).

Finding Peace in a world in pain is at a premium and people are desperate for a cure. GOD’s cure for worry is revealed in this 47-page devotional through scriptures and short stories that will build and strengthen your Faith. Each scripture will give more insight about God’s perspective about worry and that His Word is the balm that the world hungers for.
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